Legion du Mortun 8e Escadron d’Assault

I have now completed my heavy support tanks for the Legion – the famous 8e Escadron d’Assault of the 115e Regiment de Chars de Combat reknowned for leading the frontal assault on what became known as The Black Morning. The formation identifier for the 115e is the blue ace of spades.

Recently reduced to two vehicles the squadron was in the last week reinforced by a hazardous environment upgraded Mars Alpha Pattern Executioner variant. Although allocated as a temporary fire support element, the squadron leader Capitaine Chamond immediately requisitioned it as his command vehicle (not entirely because of its advanced air purification enhancements….). To denote his presence the blue spade recognition symbol has been painted onto a white square background.

The 8e was the first unit that a young Chevalier Commandant Pasque was assigned to as a junior officer. Although now risen to much higher rank it is not uncommon for him to abandon his staff officers in the  crumbling planning room of the Mortun citadel and return to his beloved Tank 82 (L’Impassable) to lead the assault against the enemy. In these pictures Pasque is once again at the front of the action where he feels most comfortable

Commander Pasque and the 8e Escadron d’Assault

Some Modelling Details

Magnetized main weapons

Magnetized Sponsons

Blank escape hatch when no option chosen


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  1. May 8, 2017

    Bloody Hell! They are rather tasty! Well done, GM. Well worth the wait.

  2. May 8, 2017

    Just amazing. Great work!

  3. Dave
    May 9, 2017

    Awesome! Very impressive. This force must be nearly done?

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