The World of Afreeq

Afreeq is the primary Southern Continent in an alternate version of the Known World. This is my campaign world where I will play games of Frostgrave, Dragon/Lion Rampant, Otherworld and Warhammer Fantasy Battles(2nd/3rd edition). Occasionally these games will link together into campaigns but more often the world of Afreeq will form a shared background and history that will develop as my various projects take shape.

Afreeq itself is a vast continent stretching far to the East and the South, but the main focus for this campaign setting is its Western coastline. This bears some similarities to Western Africa of our Earth but is different in many ways.

To the North are vast deserts conquered many centuries ago by the merchants and warriors of the Araby Princedoms. Flourishing outposts were established along the coast and the major caravan routes through the desert wastes. To the East are great mountains inhabited by myriad tribes of goblinoid races – foul, diverse and disorganised but unified in their desire to raid and pillage wherever the opportunity presents itself. To the far South East is the border of the Shakasu Empire, one of the oldest civilisations of humanity. Along the coast and islands are various human settlements including the corrupt and brutal Imperial colony of Neu Frankia, the Holy Order of Mont D’or and the free slave city of Nhri. Dominating the whole continent is the Great Kunga River and the dense, impenetrable jungle that borders it – known to the Neu Frankians as the Grünsnarl and home to the mysterious Lizard Lords. Many centuries ago the jungle – seemingly possessed by an unknown force – began to expand northwards at an unnatural pace eventually overrunning the fabled city of Sarapur in a single night of feral horror. Only recently have adventurers been able to re-enter the walls of Sarapur in search of its legendary treasures.

More details of the history and geography of Afreeq will be available through the links on this page.


Flora and Fauna of Sarapur

Sarapur is a dangerous place. Human empires may have abandoned the city, but the verdant jungles breed countless venomous and ...
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The Fall of Sarapur

Five hundred years ago Sarapur was the jewel of the the Araby Princedoms. Founded three hundred years earlier by Prince ...
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map of western afreeq

This is the main campaign map. I created this using the free photo editing tool GIMP 2, which has quite ...
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December 2020 was the inaugural Dwarfcember in the Goat household. I took the opportunity to paint some old Citadel dwarf ...
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One of my current projects is to refurbish a lot of my old lead pile. I had a fair amount ...
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Orcs and Arcadians for Afreeq Campaign

In recent weeks I've been looking at my legacy lead pile and starting on my plans to restore it. I ...
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Wargames buildings using Styrofoam

One of the great things about Frostgrave is that it's so got many gamers into scratchbuilding city scenery. This is ...
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Scenery for Frostgrave games in Sarapur

This is a handful of work in progress shots of the scenery that I have been putting together to play ...
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The Mausoleum Of Sarapur

This building will have a number of potential uses but was mainly constructed to serve as the Mausoleum in the ...
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The Silent Tower

Venturing for the first time into the deadly lost city of Sarapur, the Wizard Amaan Vaziri - accompanied by his ...
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