The Mausoleum Of Sarapur

This building will have a number of potential uses but was mainly constructed to serve as the Mausoleum in the Frostgrave scenario of the same name which requires a 6″ square mausoleum building that pops out various undead nasties at random intervals. I googled a number of Arabic tomb style buildings to get some inspiration and then toned them down a bit to enable something that would be more straightforward to construct. The modelis made from insulation hard styrofoam (6mm).The main challenge was getting the curved arches cut to a standard dimension which I did in the end by using a set of french curves as stencils. The dome is a polystyrene ball that they sell in craft shops that was then cut in half. The whole thing was coated in a mix of emulsion paint, sand and plaster.


Mausoleum 1

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  1. Paul
    February 10, 2016

    Moving Frostgrave to a ‘Saharan Africa’ type setting is a work of genius…especially when backed up by such stunning scenery.

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