Legion du Mortun Chimera APCs

I have now added the core armoured transports for the Legion. Three Chimera APCs carry the 1st Platoon, 2nd Assault Company of the Legion.The platoon constitutes three sections of veteran troopers each carried in its own armoured Chimera carrier armed primarily with a multilaser. The vehicles are numbered for each of the sections prefixed by a “1” designating that this is the first platoon. The formation marker of the 2nd Assault Company is the blue “club” symbol that marks each of the vehicles.

Also completed is the Company command vehicle. The company commander has also adopted a Chimera for his personal vehicle but due to the space required for the generating and battery power needed for his communications equipment, has opted for a version mounting a heavy bolter in turret.The company commanders vehicle is numbered “00” and has formation symbol of a blue club on a white square.


1er Platoon, 1er Section: Chimera 11

The First Section have only just returned from an intense firefight while on patrol. They received sustained heavy bolter on their port side armour that caused some visible external damage but didn’t penetrate or cause casulties. The team deployed smoke and retreated but haven’t as yet had time to replace the discharge smoke canisters




1er Platoon, 2e Section: Chimera 12

The 2nd Section vehicle has long been designated as the supply and support APC. The crew have added several stowage racks for extra equipment. An unditching beam is carried on the top rails to help unstick any of the platoon’s vehicles that become bogged down.


1er Platoon, 3er Section: Chimera 13

This is the fifth vehicle to be designated as Chimera 13, the other four meeting particularly gruesome and explosive ends. The other sections in the company are starting to believe that this is perhaps an unlucky designation but none would dare to voice such heretical thoughts that would suggest the intervention of supernatural powers in the fate of the Legion. The Commissar has been especially vigilant in ensuring the pure thoughts of the Legion’s troopers.In accordance with standard practice, replacement vehicles adopt the numbering of the previous vehicle – so if there is an bad fortune attached to Chimera 13 then the crew would be right to worry.

The vehicle commander has appropriated some tree trunks as makeshift unditching beams. He also secretly hopes that they may provide some extra armour protection  on the starboard side (where he sits) but as this would be interpreted as cowardice this isn’t a thought that he has shared.


Company Command: Chimera 00

Packed with communication relays and equipment, this Chimera gives the Company Commander the mobility and protection he requires to accompany his troops close to the front line. Unfortunately the heat generated from this equipment means that the crew tend to have to leave the hatches open, making the APC more vulnerable than is preferable.

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  1. January 28, 2017

    Those are really nicely done Simon
    The rubble and pond are stunning

  2. January 28, 2017

    Those are outstanding. You must be very pleased with them. Well done that man!

  3. Peter
    January 29, 2017

    Brilliant job Simon. I look forward to facing you in battle at Warhammer world .

  4. Purp
    January 29, 2017

    You have to be pleased with those!
    They are fantastic, as is the terrain and photography.

  5. March 5, 2017

    Wonderful job, great details and fabulous colors!

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