Trying Out Airbrushing

I recently attended an excellent introductory course on airbrushing for wargamers at Barwell Body Works . This got me so enthused that I immediately bought myself an airbrush.Then two weeks later I bought a second one (since one airbrush is never enough…). Having smuggled them both back in the house I spent a few weeks practising making a mess of some old models that i had lying around in the bits box. Finally I have managed to finish two proper models for Chain of Command, a couple of armoured car models that I have had on the shelf since Christmas waiting for painting. If you search around on youtube there are hundreds of tutorials that help you airbrush tanks. Most of these are by scale modellers in 1/35 scale and may seem over the top – but it certainly opened my eyes to new painting techniques – most surprisingly that enamel paints are actually very useful and not totally obsolete as I had previously considered. When i’ve got a bit more experienced I may put up a post about the airbrush techniques that I have got most out of. For now, here’s a few piccies of my latest AFV recruits for my Chain of Command forces.

Warlord Games Sd.Kfz 234/2 Puma





Warlord Games Humber MkIII Armoured Car




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  1. Dave
    June 24, 2016

    Clearly you’ve got the hang of it! Excellent work.

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