Panzers, PAKs and cows

I’ve just finished a mish-mash of stuff for my Chain of Command setup before I take a break to get on with my next project. I’ve now added a Panzer IV and a PAK 40. Along with the Puma that I added last month my Germans now have an interesting selection ofsupport options to go with the infantry that i’ve had for over a year now. The beauty of playing CoC is that once you have your infantry platoons you can just add bits and pieces as they take your fancy which is what I have been doing. My wish list for future items would be some Shermans, British transport options and definitely a Panther.

I have also been adding bits and pieces to my scenery – having finally painted up the cows that I bought from Redoubt at Partizan last year and some of the Tamiya signposts that I have had kicking around for ages. I also managed to finish off the tractor that I saw on the front of a collectors magazine while on holiday last Summer and bought for a couple of quid. It’s slightly overscale but looks fine next to infantry. I painted it as rusted and seized up on the assumption that Farmer Jacques has been unable to buy any fuel since June 1940….

PAK 40




Panzer IV






Cows & Roadsigns



Tractor Boys



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  1. Purp
    August 1, 2016

    Think I was premature in your last post of saying it was your finest work…. This collection is Fab.. The camo work on the Panzer is competition quality.
    I was going to say I look forward to seeing them in the flesh but after our last game….

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