vintage greek army with 25m Garrison, Hinchliffe & minifigs

After 18 months of stripping paint, drilling spears and painting shields, shields and more shields my Greek hoplite army using only vintage figures is now complete*. Nearly 200 hoplites and supporting troops entirely from Garrison, Hinchliffe and Minifigs. The sculpts have mostly held up really well over the years and some are absolutely charming. At the core of the army is a number of figures that I received for Christmas circa 1978 and have now finally been painted! Others have been found on eBay and also topped up by kind donations from the lovely Iain Burt, Andy McMaster and Norman D Landings. The basing is for Warhammer Ancient Battles and hopefully once the plague is over they will be able to fight against Henry Hyde’s Byzarbians in our long planned campaign

* yes that does actually mean finished

First quick overview of the army lined up for parade…..

Boetian Hoplites (20mm Garrison)

Corinthian Hoplites (25mm Garrison)

Scythian Archers (Garrison 25mm)

Mercenary Hoplites (25mm Hinchliffe & Garrison Officer)

Light Cavalry (20mm Garrison)

Theban Hoplites (25mm Garrison)

Light Cavalry (25mm Garrison)

Athenian Hoplites (25mm Garrison)

Thracian Peltasts (25mm Hinchliffe)

Spartan Hoplites (25mm Minifigs)

Peltasts and Skirmishers (25mm Garrison)

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  1. Wilhelmine, Margravine of Brandenburg-Bayreuth
    January 5, 2021

    Absolutely wonderful, one of your best collections. I didn’t appreciate how much of it you’d done!
    Excellent, hope it gets Prime Display Cabinet Real Estate

  2. Iain
    February 20, 2021

    I should have commented earlier (or have I? My memory isn’t what it was).

    Your Greeks, Simon, are very probably the best I have ever seen, or will ever see. Absolutely stunning.

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