The Silent Tower

Venturing for the first time into the deadly lost city of Sarapur, the Wizard Amaan Vaziri – accompanied by his imp familiar Shaqi and an assorted warband of thugs – made his way cautiously towards the fabled Silent Tower. Referred to in the scraps of a parchment he had bought in the market of Huttestadt, the Silent Tower is a mysterious ruined fortification where- for reasons lost to time – no magic of any sort is effective.

Amaan was convinced that in the tower he may find mysteries and treasures as yet unpicked by the thieves of Sarapur. Unknown to him however a band of evil goblinoid raiders had set out that morning with the same evil intentions. The two gangs clashed around the tower with Amaan’s warband having the better of the fight but failing to prevent the goblinoids stealing a number of treasures. Unfortunately Amaan’s trainee – a young man known only as Mutadarrib – was gored badly by a wild boar and was lucky to escape with his life.

Thanks to my opponent Dave Hall (who has a great blog at for providing the baddies and being a great opponent. Especially as he brought his D20 that didn’t roll higher than 4.


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  1. Joe McCullough
    December 17, 2017

    Great write-up!

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